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Family 6 Seater Motorhome

Fiat Ducato Clipper | (11 beoordelingen)

Gosport, Hampshire, Verenigd Koninkrijk

Over de eigenaar

Verhuurder Melvin

Reageert binnen 12 uur
Reageert op 75% van de berichten
Accepteert 81% van de aanvragen


Inbegrepen reisafstand/week:
1750 km
Zitplaatsen tijdens het rijden:



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Niet Roken
Geen Huisdieren
Sneeuwbestemmingen toegestaan
Festivals toegestaan
Brits rijbewijs verplicht
Minimum leeftijd: 25 jaar

11 Beoordelingen

Melvin is an extremely nice guy and did his very best to resolve the problem we had which included him driving to our location, a 5 hour round trip. His communication was very good and he was very accommodating when it came to picking up and dropping the van off. He did a thorough handover and tour of the van. We had at least 1 tank of gas and the other was nearly full.
Unfortunately, the motorhome did not meet our expectations. I knew that the van was not brand new but the photographs on this site did not reflect the actual state of the van. On picking the van up I was very disappointed at the look and feel of it but it was too late to cancel as this was our family holiday and we had sites booked and family to visit.
The sink unit in the bathroom is cracked and had a hole in the sink and this was covered by waterproof tape which is not the most hygienic fix. The shower tray was cracked, and you could feel a squelching of water from previous use which was unpleasant.
The interior of the van was showing its age which is reasonable, but it had a grubby feeling to it. The hob cover had been replaced by a plywood cover and whilst we had no problems, I am not sure that wood is a suitable replacement so close to a naked flame.
After driving for just over an hour the left-hand indicator became defective, and I replaced the bulb but that was not the problem. I then discovered that the brake lights were not working either. I contacted Mel and he suggested visiting Halfords and he would reimburse me. Unfortunately, Halfords could not help and as it was late afternoon, I did not want to be stuck in a Halford's car park overnight. I drove onto our first site next to Silverstone. I contacted Mel on arrival, and he agreed to drive up from Gosport early the next morning a 2.5 hour journey. Mel arrived as arranged and fixed the problem.
Our second site was on uneven ground with the van tilting a little forward and a constant trickle of water was discovered coming into the dining/sitting area/sleeping area. On investigation I guessed that it was coming from underneath the shower tray, but I am sill unsure as it was constant.
The radio in the cab did not work which though a small thing was inconvenient as phone data had to be used for music on the long drives between sites.
We decided to cut the holiday short as we did not have complete confidence in the electrics and the leaking water was also a concern. This decision was not taken lightly as we had arranged to visit family further up the country and had paid for another site and lost that money.
I could not in recommend this van to someone else.
An amazing experience which we couldn’t have without the help and support of Melvin, who was very informative and helpful.
The Caravan is very comfortable and complete with everything we needed. I would definitely hire again from Mel and use Camptoo.


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